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Kia ora and welcome to This Local Piggy

This Local Piggy is a hassle free way to buy high quality, authentic ingredients from multiple local sellers and have it delivered to you in one go.
We've just launched, and are delivering to: 
Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Eden Terrace, Kingsland, Morningside, Ponsonby, Freemans Bay, Point Chevalier and Herne Bay

Tuesday and Thursday evenings (20 slots/week only!)

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This Local Piggy

Sustainably sourced kaimoana

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Bigeye Tuna Loin (Sashimi Grade) 500g

Sustainably caught. Sold out. Next boat's ETA is the 30 Nov
$ 24.95 NZD

Coromandel Mussels -5kg

Perfect with white wine and cream, or cooked on the barbecue
$ 29.95 NZD

Flounder (NZ)

Yellowbelly flounder (2-3 pack) or Sand flounder (1kg is approx 4-5 fish)
$ 16.95 NZD

Frozen Black Tiger Prawns (Imported)

large prawns with firm flesh, bolder flavours
$ 25.95 NZD

Frozen Crayfish (NZ)- Each

500-600g each
$ 79.95 NZD

Frozen Kina Pot (Coromandel) 150g

Rich and sweet tasting kina for pastas, on rice or on toast
$ 33.95 NZD

Frozen Lobster Tails (USA) - each

American Lobster tails 4-6oz (113-170g each)
$ 19.95 NZD

Frozen Medium Banana Prawns Whole (Aus) - 800g

Mild, sweet delicate flavour. Often used in Asian cooking
$ 31.95 NZD

Frozen Octopus Tentacles (NZ)- 2-2.5kg

Boil before grilling or frying to tenderise the meat
$ 79.95 NZD

Frozen Paddle Crabs (NZ) whole - 1kg

8-10 crabs per kilo
$ 24.95 NZD

Frozen Paua Mince (NZ) - 200g pot

100% paua meat for fritters and cream paua
$ 35.95 NZD

Frozen Paua Whole (In Shell) - each

In shell NZ paua, approx 400g each
$ 46.95 NZD

Frozen Scallops -1 kg

Their tender meats have a rich, sweet, and flavorful taste.
$ 13.95 NZD

Frozen Scampi Tails (NZ) - 250g Bag

The sweet white flesh of New Zealand Scampi is highly sought after around the world
$ 32.95 NZD

Gurnard Fillets (Long Line caught) 500g

500g is around 2-3 portions
$ 20.95 NZD

Kerikeri Oysters on Half Shell - 2 dozen

24 oysters from the pristine waters of the Bay of Islands
$ 48.95 NZD

Manuka Smoked Kahawai- Whole fish, split

750-1kg whole kahawai smoked.
$ 15.95 NZD

NZ Salmon

Fillets, whole side or whole gilled and gutted fish
$ 29.95 NZD

Salmon Heads and Frames (NZ) - 1kg

Perfect to make salmon flakes or into a scrumptious miso soup
$ 6.95 NZD

Snapper (NZ)

Fillets or whole fish
$ 20.95 NZD

Snapper Heads (NZ) - 1kg

A delicacy in Asian dishes, and a key ingredient to a home made fish stock.
$ 6.95 NZD

Tarakihi Fillets 500g

500g is around 3 portions
$ 21.95 NZD

Fruit and Veges

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Green Beans (NZ) - 300g

NZ grown green beans, high in fibre and in season now!
$ 4.20 NZD

Blueberries (NZ) - Punnet

Blueberries are the quintessential summer treat!
$ 6.99 NZD

Strawberries (NZ) - Punnet

New Season Strawberries
$ 4.50 NZD

Coriander (NZ)- bunch

Approx 80g of NZ coriander
$ 2.20 NZD

Courgettes (NZ) - 1kg

A summer squash, courgette's sweet delicate flavour across the world.
$ 17.99 NZD

Limes (USA) - bag of 3

NZ limes are available from February to June. Outside these times they are imported form USA
$ 7.50 NZD

The Nest Seasonal Vege Box

Handpicked at the Nest, with organic only or organic and local (conventional) options
$ 45.00 NZD

Washed white potatoes (NZ) -1kg

These mixed sized NZ potatoes are handpicked to ensure quality.
$ 2.50 NZD

Spinach Bag/Each (NZ)

Full grown spinach for cooking
$ 3.99 NZD

Seedless Grapes - 1 kg (Imported)

Choice of Red Green grapes
$ 16.99 NZD

Red Onions (NZ) - 1kg

Approximately 5-7 onions
$ 2.49 NZD

Packham Pears (NZ) -kg

Approx 5 pears/kg
$ 6.49 NZD

Long Eggplants (Fiji) - 500g

Asian variety eggplants. Popular in South, East and Middle eastern places
$ 11.00 NZD

Lettuce (NZ) -each

Whole head of lettuce
$ 3.99 NZD

Granny Smith Apples - 1kg (NZ)

(1kg is approx 5 apples)
$ 3.99 NZD

Coriander (Pukekohe)- 100g bag

100g of Auckland grown corriander
$ 3.50 NZD

Capsicum (NZ) - Each

Pick your colour!
$ 3.30 NZD

Brushed Potatoes (NZ) - 1kg

These mixed sized NZ potatoes are handpicked to ensure quality.
$ 2.50 NZD

Frozen Ripe Plantain - 1kg

Plantains are starchy not very sweet. They are more of a carbohydrate than a snacking fruit
$ 10.90 NZD

Oranges (NZ)- 1kg

Approx 4-6 per kilo. Oranges are having a good year here in NZ.
$ 3.99 NZD

Rose/Queen Apples - 1kg

approx 4-5 per kilo. Crisp, very juicy, variety will depend on availablity
$ 4.29 NZD

Kumara (NZ) - 1kg

Approx 2-3 per kilo, these large kumaras are great baked whole with your choice of topping (NZ)
$ 4.50 NZD

Lemons (NZ)

Fresh and fruity !
$ 3.99 NZD

Something to Crow About Roasted Seed Toppers

Top your salads, bowls, roast veggies or as a snack! Product of Auckland
$ 4.49 NZD

Ceres Organics Chopped tomatoes (Tin)

Organically grown tomatoes, Product of Italy
$ 2.50 NZD

Parsnips (kg)

Approx 4-6 per kilo.
$ 6.99 NZD

Cauliflower (NZ) - Each

Roast it whole with spices, smother it with cheese, or simply steam it . (NZ)
$ 5.50 NZD

Broccoli (NZ) - each

Broccoli is a staple among many households. Late season
$ 3.99 NZD

Royal Gala apples (NZ) - 1kg

(1kg is approx 6 apples) Mildly sweet in flavour and super juicy.
$ 3.99 NZD

Cherry Tomatoes (NZ) - punnet

NZ Hot house grown to ensure winter supply
$ 7.50 NZD


NZ grown tomatoes
$ 4.99 NZD

Bananas - per kg (imported)

(Approx 8 banana bunch)The popular fruit works well in everything from smoothies to cakes
$ 3.10 NZD

Kiwi Fruit (NZ) - 1kg

Gold - approx 8 per kg. Green - approx 10-12
$ 3.99 NZD

Beetroots (NZ) -1kg

A great source of fibre, vitamin B9, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C
$ 4.99 NZD

Leeks (NZ) - Each

Member of the onion family, leeks have a sweeter flavour with less aroma
$ 2.49 NZD

Spring onions (bunch)

A staple in asian cooking and a perfect garish to finish any dish
$ 1.99 NZD

Silverbeet (NZ)- Bunch

Silverbeet stalks take well to cooking and it's leaves can be used as carb free wraps
$ 1.99 NZD

White button Mushrooms (NZ) - 250g punnet

A young, milder flavoured mushroom
$ 4.99 NZD

Seedless Raisins - per 100g

Package free. Great as a snack, a topping on porridge or in baking
$ 1.40 NZD

Prunes -250g

Package free dried Prunes. Perfect for Tagines, or wrap in bacon for a barbecue delight
$ 4.17 NZD

Baby Spinach -300g (Pukekohe)

Bag of baby spinach for salads or to top up a dish with greens
$ 6.99 NZD

Mandarins (NZ) - 1kg

1kg is approx 10-12 mandarins.
$ 6.99 NZD

Cabbage - each (NZ)

Choice of Green or Red Cabbage
$ 4.49 NZD

Agria Potatoes (1kg)

Agrias have floury and fluffy texture and the ability to resist becoming sticky when cooked
$ 2.50 NZD

Brown Onions (NZ) - 1kg

Approximately 5-7 onions
$ 2.99 NZD

Garlic (NZ) - Pack of 5

Pack of 5 bulbs
$ 7.99 NZD

Ginger 100g (Thailand)

Ginger, an essential to Asian cooking
$ 1.79 NZD

Pumpkin (each)

Choice of small or medium
$ 2.50 NZD

Carrots (NZ) - 1kg

1KG of New Zealand carrots
$ 1.99 NZD

Shelled Sunflower Seeds - per 250g

popular in trail mix, multi-grain bread and nutrition bars
$ 3.48 NZD

Large Avocados (each)

One large avocado
$ 3.99 NZD

Celery NZ - large bunch

A large bunch of celery
$ 4.99 NZD

Tele Cucumber (each)

A long crispy skinned cucumber
$ 3.99 NZD

Grow At Home microgreen kit

Grow your own nutritious snack with the MUMG Grow at Home Kit.
$ 12.00 NZD

From the Butchers

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Heritage Pork Lonzino (Regeneratively Farmed) -100g

Sliced and cured Mangarara pork loin. Made in Grey Lynn
$ 9.00 NZD

Pork and Fennel air dried salami - 100g

Cured in Grey Lynn by Lucia and Eddie
$ 6.00 NZD

Free range chicken kebabs - 4 pack

Antibiotic free, free range kebabs
$ 10.00 NZD

Free range lamb shoulder chops - 4 pack

(approx. 750-800)
$ 19.00 NZD

Whole free range butterflied lamb leg (1 - 1.2kg)

Evenly de-boned whole lamb leg, perfect for the grill
$ 34.50 NZD

Beef short ribs (1kg)

Popular in south american, korean and japanese barbecues and good slow cooked.
$ 23.00 NZD

Free range rack of pork spare ribs (around 700g)

Perfectly tender meat for the oven or the barbecue.
$ 12.50 NZD

Dry Aged Mangarara T Bone (600 g)

The royalty of steaks, dry aged, regeneratively framed.
$ 25.00 NZD

Mangarara Rump Steak - 2 pack (300g each)

For those who those who value flavour above all else. Restoratively Farmed
$ 14.50 NZD

Pastrami 200g

Grey Lynn Butchers' pastrami features in cafes and restaurants all over Auckland
$ 6.00 NZD

Butcher Made Burgers 4 pack (150 gms each)

Handmade burgers from our master butchers
$ 11.00 NZD

Sausage Sampling Pack 1kg (9-10 sausages)

Butcher's Choice of 9-10 award-winning sausages
$ 19.99 NZD

High Welfare beef stock bones (1kg)

Bones speciality selected for stock and broth making
$ 4.99 NZD

Free Range whole duck (large)

Whole free-range duck from Cambridge
$ 28.50 NZD

Free range lemon and herb butterflied chicken

This free to roam, antibiotic-free chicken. Marinated in store by Grey Lynn's master butchers
$ 17.99 NZD

Free range tandoori butterflied chicken

This free to roam, antibiotic-free chicken. Marinated in store by Grey Lynn's master butchers
$ 17.99 NZD

Free range pork loin steaks (500g)

This thick meaty steak as a trimming of fat and a medallion of lean protein.
$ 12.49 NZD

Oxtail (1kg)

Perfect for a winter stew, a slow cooking meat that makes a scrumptious gravy.
$ 20.00 NZD

Dry Cured Free Range bacon

Dry cured and award winning, choose from middle or streaky bacon
$ 7.29 NZD

Large whole free range chicken (size 16)

She's a large one. Feed the whole family with this 1.5kg chicken.
$ 16.99 NZD

Nduja Piccante 150g piece

A salty, spicy-sweet spreadable salume.
$ 7.50 NZD

Free range, antibiotic free chicken thighs -500g

High welfare chicken thighs from our friends at Bird and Barrow
$ 4.69 NZD

Restoratively farmed Sirloin steak (2 steak pack)

500g of regeneratively farmed, free range pasture cattle
$ 18.00 NZD

Restoratively farmed Dry aged rib eye steak

A 200g dry aged, restoratively farmed ribeye (scotch) steak
$ 9.79 NZD

Free range bacon hock

A whole bacon hock, perfect for soups and stocks
$ 9.99 NZD

Free range NZ lamb loin chops (500g)

Free range, pasture fed lamb loin
$ 15.00 NZD

Mangarara Station beef prime mince (500g)

A leaner version of our beef mine using only prime cuts of meat
$ 10.25 NZD

Free range high welfare mince 500g

Beef, chicken or pork options
$ 7.50 NZD

Award winning free range gourmet sliced ham (200g)

Slices of the best quality ham steaks
$ 6.00 NZD

Durham Farms A2 Organic Milk (bottle)

A luxurious small batch milk. Refills will be processed with a bottle swap on delivery
$ 7.50 NZD

Award winning Traditional pork sausages (pack of 6)

Multi award winning pork sausages with free range pork
$ 13.00 NZD

Chicken and Truffle sausages (pack of 6)

Free range Chicken and truffle... what a combo
$ 13.80 NZD

Brazilian Toscana sausages (pack of 6)

Free range brazilian spicy pork sausage
$ 13.20 NZD

Isterband Sausages (pack of 6)

Officially the best sausage in NZ, this is a Swedish style sausage
$ 13.80 NZD

Award winning guanciale (400g piece)

Italian style home cured pork cheek
$ 18.50 NZD

Fresh from the Bakery

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French country style sourdough loaf (Thursdays only)

Traditionally French country style loaf
$ 11.00 NZD

New York rye sourdough loaf (Thursdays only)

American deli style loaf with flaxseeds, caraway and rye
$ 11.00 NZD

Croissant (Thursdays only)

Traditionally flakey croissant, our customers proclaim they are the best in Auckland
$ 4.90 NZD

Pain au chocolat (Thursdays only)

Luxurious chocolate wrapped in our famous croissant pastry
$ 5.50 NZD

Almond croissant (Thursdays only)

Beautiful tasting and instagram worthy almond croissant
$ 7.50 NZD

Sourdough baguette (Thursdays only)

Sourdough baguette with pointy ends
$ 5.50 NZD

Corn Tortilla 6" - 24 Units

Authentic 100% corn tortilla, made in NZ
$ 7.20 NZD

Flour Tortilla - 12 Units

Made in NZ with local wheat from the south island.
$ 4.50 NZD

Oh My Goodness gluten free loaf

Organic, gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, paleo and vegan.
$ 13.00 NZD

Tio Pablo -12 Corn Tortillas

12 cm (4 inch) in diameter (Made in AKL)
$ 8.00 NZD

Cinnamon Cruffin (Thursdays only)

Flakey, buttery muffins make from Fort Greene's delicious croissant dough
$ 4.70 NZD

Taste of Asia

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Fresh Tofu Puffs (Deep Fried) - 150g

Deep Fried Tofu puffs (made in Auckland!)
$ 3.99 NZD

Hanabi Yaki nori - 10 Sheets

To make sushi rolls or simply eaten as a snack
$ 3.79 NZD

Marukome Miso White - kg

White miso is lighter and sweeter than red miso. Use in mayo, dressings and on fish
$ 6.99 NZD

Marukome Miso Red 1KG

Perfect for hearty soups, braises, and glazes
$ 6.99 NZD

Sichuan Pepper - 100g

Mouth numbing, but not all that spicy. An essential sichuan ingredient (Product of Thailand)
$ 6.99 NZD

Chinese cooking wine (Blue label) - 640ml

The secret ingredient to an authentic Chinese dish (Origin: China)
$ 2.69 NZD

Por Kwan Laska Paste- 200g

A rich spicy coconut noodle soup to die for. Product of Thailand
$ 3.99 NZD

Maggi Seasoning- 200ml

Invented in Switzerland, this MSG rich liquid is used across Africa, South America and Asia
$ 5.99 NZD

Delmaine Balsamic Glaze -150ml

A thick rich Syrup made with authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy
$ 8.99 NZD

LKK Hoisin Sauce

Excellent for marinating, stir-frying or dipping. Try it on pizza for a fusion dish
$ 5.99 NZD

LKK Chilli Bean Sauce (Toban Djan)

The main flavour in dan dan noodles (tantan ramen), Mapo tofu. Also a dipping sauce
$ 5.99 NZD

ABC Sweet soy sauce

Any protein can benefit from a sweet soy marinade, or finish with a drizzle on any asian dish.
$ 2.99 NZD

Pho Chicken soup base cube

Pho is a stock cube! serves 4 (origin: Vietnam)
$ 1.19 NZD

Squid Brand fish sauce 725ml

Authentic Thai fish sauce to add umami to any dish (try a dash in burgers!)
$ 3.49 NZD

Mountain Dried Shiitake Mushroom - 200g

Rehydrate in water to add a deep savoury aroma to your dishes
$ 12.60 NZD

Makoto Roasted white sesame

Japanese roasted sesame seeds for maximum flavour
$ 2.59 NZD

Yamahide Dried Bonito Flakes (5x36g)

Perfect to garnish dishes or to sprinkle in soup
$ 4.89 NZD

Shichimi Togarasi -18g

A finishing spice mix commonly sprinkled over Japanese food to give it a bit of flavour (mild)
$ 4.19 NZD

Mamasan Cooking Sake

Cooking sake (Japanese rice wine)
$ 4.99 NZD

Hinode Mirin- 320ml

A sweet Japanese rice cooking wine
$ 5.79 NZD

Galbi Sauce for pork - 290g

Marinade on pork spare ribs to make grilled galbi pork dishes (Origin: Korea)
$ 4.49 NZD

Bulgogi sauce/marinade for beef - 290g

Marinade thin slices of steak and grill or stir fry the beef. (Origin: Korea)
$ 4.49 NZD

Japanese Rice Vinegar- 500ml

Perfect vinegar for making sushi rice
$ 6.99 NZD

Old Country Food Frozen Dumplings

Made in Henderson, AKL. Approx 30 dumplings per pack
$ 9.49 NZD

Vito Pho Rice Noodles 3mm - 350g

A flat rice noodle for Vietnamese pho, but also the base noodle for a pad thai.
$ 3.69 NZD

Fresh Egg Noodles - 500g

Made in Henderson, these thin fresh egg noodles are perfect for a stir fry (product of NZ)
$ 4.69 NZD

Something to Crow About Roasted Seed Toppers

Top your salads, bowls, roast veggies or as a snack! Product of Auckland
$ 4.49 NZD

Mutti Passata Tomato Puree (400g)

Straight up passatta (tomato puree/sauce) from the most known Italian brand.
$ 2.99 NZD

S&B Japanese Curry mix 100g

Love kastu curry? Why not make it home? Product of Japan
$ 3.99 NZD

Coconut milk or cream (FIa Fia)

Made in Thailand, choose between cream or milk. Product of Thailand
$ 2.99 NZD

Lian Huat dumpling pastry (300g)

Fresh dumpling pastry. Product of Auckland
$ 3.49 NZD

Lkk Pure sesame oil (207ml)

100% pure sesame oil
$ 4.49 NZD

LKK premium Oyster Sauce (255ml)

From the company that invented oyster sauce in 1888
$ 5.99 NZD

Lee Kum Kee Premium Light Soy Sauce (250g)

A premium imported light soy sauce for dipping, marinading and seasoning
$ 2.99 NZD

Thai Curry paste (400g tub)

Authentic Thai made curry paste
$ 4.49 NZD

Fresh Tofu (pack of 2)

Freshly made soft and firm tofu
$ 3.99 NZD

Jongga Kimchi (300g)

A jar of authentic Korean kimchi from the number one kimchi brand worldwide
$ 7.99 NZD

Latino Flavours

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Alfajores 6 units (box) - 360g

A much loved typical Argentinian dessert - dulce de leche sandwiched between two biscuits
$ 15.00 NZD

Salva Brava Chimichurri Sauce - 250g

Fresh, Natural & Healthy Authentic Chimichurri Sauce, made in NZ
$ 9.50 NZD

Frozen Chipa (Pandebonos) - 600gr

Made in NZ, Chipa is a traditional cheese bread from South America
$ 20.00 NZD

Frozen Chiva Arepas

Frozen authentic corn arepas. Made by NZ Coloumbians
$ 5.00 NZD

Corn Chips - 160g

Made fresh in NZ, these are very popular toasted tortilla triangles in Mexican cuisine
$ 4.00 NZD

Corn Starch MAIZENA

Product of Colombia
$ 3.50 NZD

Corn Tortilla 6" - 24 Units

Authentic 100% corn tortilla, made in NZ
$ 7.20 NZD

Flour Tortilla - 12 Units

Made in NZ with local wheat from the south island.
$ 4.50 NZD

Goya Aji Amarillo (Peruvian yellow chilli paste)

The authentic Peruvian flavour!
$ 12.90 NZD

Goya Hot Pepper Rocoto (Peruvian hot chilli paste) - 213g

A perfect condiment to add a touch of spice to each dish
$ 12.90 NZD

Guava Paste (Bocadillo/Membrillo) - 400g

Guava paste from Colombia, delicious with a cheese platter!
$ 6.90 NZD

PAN Harina (Corn Flour)

Cornflour used it to make Arepas, Empanadas, Tortillas and more
$ 7.50 NZD

Colombian Hot Chocolate Block (Corona) - 500g

A chocolate solid bar is used to make a heavenly cup of hot chocolate. Product of Colombia
$ 9.50 NZD

Juan Valdez Freeze Dried Soluble Coffee - 95g

Freeze dried high quality freeze dried coffee from the top South American brand
$ 11.90 NZD

San Ignacio Dulce de Leche (Milk Caramel) - 400g

Only made with milk and sugar. Product of Argentina
$ 11.95 NZD

Refried Black Beans - 430g

Delicious in burritos, Tacos or served with rice as a side dish.
$ 3.70 NZD

Frozen Ripe Plantain - 1kg

Plantains are starchy not very sweet. They are more of a carbohydrate than a snacking fruit
$ 10.90 NZD

Rocoto Chilli Sauce

NZ made authentic rocoto chilli sauce, fruity and spicy!
$ 12.00 NZD

Sliced Jalapeno in Escabeche - 200g

Add some heat to your favourite food with this pickled jalapeno slices.
$ 3.00 NZD

Tajin Ancho Dry Chili - 75 g

Mild, sweet and smokey
$ 7.00 NZD

Tajin Arbol Dry Chili - 75 g

It's about 6 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper. Product of Mexico
$ 7.00 NZD

Wasakaka Coriander & Lime Sauce - 250g

coriander, lime, garlic and ginger dipping sauce. Made in NZ
$ 9.50 NZD

Goya Aji Panca (Peruvian chilli paste)

The authentic Peruvian flavour!
$ 12.90 NZD

Don't worry, be hoppy

See All

Good George / Small Wonder Pale Ale 2.5% - 6-pack

refreshing, crisp, and surprisingly hoppy low alcohol pale ale
$ 20.70 NZD

Urbanaut / Kingsland Pilsner - 4.5% - 6-pack

Highly effervescent, giving a beautiful head and tight bubbles.
$ 21.30 NZD

Parrotdog / Lloyd Hazy IPA 6% - Single Can

Hazy IPA packed with fresh tropical fruit and citrus flavour
$ 8.50 NZD

Citizen / Hazy IPA 6.5% - 440ml can

Made with rescue bread, a juicy, hoppy hazy with a citrus punch.
$ 10.00 NZD

Urbanaut / West End Stout 6% - 6-pack

Caramel, toffee and chocolate malts mingle to create a gorgeous, smooth mouthfeel
$ 27.60 NZD

Kereru / Auro (GF) 5.0% - 330ml Can - 6-pack

Light, refreshing and dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops. - Gluten Free!
$ 35.10 NZD

Waitoa / Navigator 4.0% - 330ml Can

A delicate Pacific Pale Ale. Brewed in Wellington, NZ
$ 4.60 NZD

Epic / Hop Zombie 8.5% - 330ml Can

Salivating over insane hop flavours and aromas
$ 6.25 NZD

Small Gods X 8 Wired / Three On A Match - Can

7%. This Belgian Amber ale was inspired by Belgian battlefield
$ 10.00 NZD

Garage Project / Heels to Jesus 5% - 330ml Bottle

A pure, unadulterated ale using Belgian yeasts and Kiwi hops
$ 6.50 NZD

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