Our mission is to connect communities through the joy of food.

Food is not a simply commodity that we optimise by making delivery more efficient, reducing the price, increasing the freshness etc.

It is much more than that. Food is a point of view, a memory, a glimpse of another culture and a human right.

Our Story

Chloe is a massive foodie and the founder of This Local Piggy, growing up in Hong Kong, one of her favourite things to do after school was to go to the markets to choose the freshest, in-season produce for dinner every night. Making friends with a vegetable granny, she remembers vividly how she got free spring onions every time they bought vegetables from her.

Since then, lived on 3 continents before moving to Aotearoa. Being an immigrant many times over, she's realised how difficult it is to recreate tastes and memories of home and adventures. High quality, authentic ingredients are normally hidden in offline, local shops, and you really need to know someone who knows where to find them.

Having build her career in software, she quit her job in as the lead product manager of the COVID Tracer App March 2021, built this website, and called up a bunch of local sellers to see if they were interested in joining forces, and the rest is history.

Our Values

Cultural Appreciation

Our cities are more and more diverse, and so are our pallets. Food is the common ground that we, as humanity can build a shared understanding upon. Even if we don't have political, cultural or religious commonalities, at the end of the day, everyone just wants to eat well.

Local Economies

We want to help the money stay in the community, supporting jobs and families, and lives economic opportunity to family-run butchers, bakeries, greengrocers and speciality shops. Smaller local businesses are more likely to purchase from smaller farms because they don’t need to purchase the quantities required by multinational businesses.


Taking many short trips every week in your car is not only time consuming, but also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. By pooling all orders together during our pick up and delivery routes. We can reduce the overall carbon footprint, while suporting local businesses.

At This Local Piggy, we partner with sellers who consciously source from regenerative farms, local producers who share our vision of sustainability.

We are leading the local revolution.

Support local businesses

Ingredients at local butchers, bakeries and speciality stores are better in quality and often cheaper. Support local economies while eating better.

One single checkout and one delivery slot

Forget the hassle of finding parking and going to multiple shops yourself, we do all the hard yards and deliver it to your doorstep.

High quality, authentic ingredients

As our communities change, so are our pallets. We demand the highest quality and authenticity when we eat out, why settle for less when cooking at home?

Create a sustainable, local food system

Supporting local normally means many short trips to nearby stores, because we pickup everyone's order using only one route. We can reduce the carbon footprint drastically