Croissant (Thursdays only)

Traditionally flakey croissant, our customers proclaim they are the best in Auckland
$ 4.90 NZD

French country style sourdough loaf (Thursdays only)

Traditionally French country style loaf
$ 11.00 NZD

Lian Huat dumpling pastry (300g)

Fresh dumpling pastry. Product of Auckland
$ 3.49 NZD

Fresh Tofu (pack of 2)

Freshly made soft and firm tofu
$ 3.99 NZD

Frozen Chiva Arepas

Frozen authentic corn arepas. Made by NZ Coloumbians
$ 5.00 NZD

Tea Boy 10 Spice Chai

Tea Boy’s 10 Spice blend makes a warming aromatic chai with aniseedy and floral undertones...
$ 16.99 NZD

Sourdough baguette (Thursdays only)

Sourdough baguette with pointy ends
$ 5.50 NZD

Tio Pablo -12 Corn Tortillas

12 cm (4 inch) in diameter (Made in AKL)
$ 8.00 NZD

Chicken and Truffle sausages (pack of 6)

Free range Chicken and truffle... what a combo
$ 13.80 NZD

Isterband Sausages (pack of 6)

Officially the best sausage in NZ, this is a Swedish style sausage
$ 13.80 NZD

Brazilian Toscana sausages (pack of 6)

Free range brazilian spicy pork sausage
$ 13.20 NZD

Award winning Traditional pork sausages (pack of 6)

Multi award winning pork sausages with free range pork
$ 13.00 NZD

Free range lemon and herb butterflied chicken

This free to roam, antibiotic-free chicken. Marinated in store by Grey Lynn's master butchers
$ 17.99 NZD

Free range tandoori butterflied chicken

This free to roam, antibiotic-free chicken. Marinated in store by Grey Lynn's master butchers
$ 17.99 NZD

Clevedon Buffalo - Ricotta

Buffalo Ricotta Cheese for savoury and sweet dishes (Auckland)
$ 10.50 NZD

Clevedon Buffalo - Tartinade

Cheese Spread (Auckland)
$ 10.00 NZD

Clevedon Buffalo - Mozzarella

Buffalo Cheese (Auckland)
$ 10.50 NZD

Clevedon Buffalo - Fresh cheese 300g

Marinated Buffalo Cheese (Auckland)
$ 18.00 NZD

Agria Potatoes (1kg)

Agrias have floury and fluffy texture and the ability to resist becoming sticky when cooked
$ 2.50 NZD

Coriander (Pukekohe)- 100g bag

100g of Auckland grown corriander
$ 3.50 NZD

Baby Spinach -300g (Pukekohe)

Bag of baby spinach for salads or to top up a dish with greens
$ 6.99 NZD

The Wild fermentary - Just Kraut 390g

A classic sauerkraut and has wild foraged dandelion (Made in Auckland)
$ 15.00 NZD

The Wild Fermentary - Kefir Soda - 750ml

It’s alive with billions of gut-loving bacteria (Made in AKL)
$ 12.00 NZD

Something to Crow About Roasted Seed Toppers

Top your salads, bowls, roast veggies or as a snack! Product of Auckland
$ 4.49 NZD

Fresh Egg Noodles - 500g

Made in Henderson, these thin fresh egg noodles are perfect for a stir fry (product of NZ)
$ 4.69 NZD

Kōkako Decaf Coffee

Our Decaf coffee blend brings together selected Fairtrade origins which are decaffeinated
$ 14.50 NZD

Kōkako Aotea Coffee -Organic Fairtrade

This is a medium-bodied juicy blend coffee sourced from Fairtrade Organic cooperatives
$ 14.50 NZD

Kōkako Mahana Blend - Organic Fairtrade

This is a full-bodied chocolatey blend coffee is suited to espresso and plunger brewing
$ 14.50 NZD

Pain au chocolat (Thursdays only)

Luxurious chocolate wrapped in our famous croissant pastry
$ 5.50 NZD

Almond croissant (Thursdays only)

Beautiful tasting and instagram worthy almond croissant
$ 7.50 NZD

Grow At Home microgreen kit

Grow your own nutritious snack with the MUMG Grow at Home Kit.
$ 12.00 NZD

Award winning guanciale (400g piece)

Italian style home cured pork cheek
$ 18.50 NZD

Nduja Piccante 150g piece

A salty, spicy-sweet spreadable salume.
$ 7.50 NZD

Tio Pablo - Salsa de Pepita - 220g

Authentic dipping salsa (Made in AKL)
$ 8.00 NZD

Tío Pablo (Vegan)- Nacho Queso - 300g

Vegan Nacho Cheese (Made in AKL)
$ 9.00 NZD

Tio Pablo Totopitos (Corn Chips) - 230g

Crunchy tortilla chips made in AKL
$ 6.00 NZD

Tio Pablo - Salsa Picante de Piña - 250g

Add to any dish for a spicy, tropical kick (Made in AKL)
$ 10.00 NZD

Pt Chev Cookie Box

Some of the best cookies around. Canadian style, soft and chewy. Made in Pt Chev
$ 15.99 NZD

Ethiopia Guji

Best for filter brewing. Flavour Profile: Lemonade, Plum & Wine.
$ 16.50 NZD

Award winning free range gourmet sliced ham (200g)

Slices of the best quality ham steaks
$ 6.00 NZD

Dry Cured Free Range bacon

Dry cured and award winning, choose from middle or streaky bacon
$ 7.29 NZD

Urbanaut / West End Stout 6% - 6-pack

Caramel, toffee and chocolate malts mingle to create a gorgeous, smooth mouthfeel
$ 27.60 NZD

Urbanaut / Kingsland Pilsner - 4.5% - 6-pack

Highly effervescent, giving a beautiful head and tight bubbles.
$ 21.30 NZD

New York rye sourdough loaf (Thursdays only)

American deli style loaf with flaxseeds, caraway and rye
$ 11.00 NZD

Pastrami 200g

Grey Lynn Butchers' pastrami features in cafes and restaurants all over Auckland
$ 6.00 NZD

Fresh Tofu Puffs (Deep Fried) - 150g

Deep Fried Tofu puffs (made in Auckland!)
$ 3.99 NZD

Sausage Sampling Pack 1kg (9-10 sausages)

Butcher's Choice of 9-10 award-winning sausages
$ 19.99 NZD

Butcher Made Burgers 4 pack (150 gms each)

Handmade burgers from our master butchers
$ 11.00 NZD

Free range chicken kebabs - 4 pack

Antibiotic free, free range kebabs
$ 10.00 NZD

Chai Gift Pack

A pack of chai, Indian raw cane sugar and a strainer for chai lovers
$ 29.00 NZD

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