We created This Local Piggy because your stories of passion deserve to be seen and heard by the community

From May to the first week of July 2021, we ran a trial in the West Central Auckland suburbs of Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Kingsland, Ponsonby and Freemans Bay to understand if customers would purchase from multiple local shops online.

Turns out they did, and nearly 40% returned to purchase more. So now, we are raising funding and building a more robust system to give sellers control and visibility of orders, customer requests and inventory management.

Connect to your local community

We are currently in the process of building and raising funds, but are accepting expressions of interest from: 

  • Specialist retail shops such as butchers, bakeries and fruit and vegetable shops
  • Shops catering for special cuisines

With physical locations in Central Auckland suburbs

Why Join This Local Piggy


Local Deliveries

We know it takes time and money to deliver locally. Let our experts plan and sort that out for you!


Gain new customers

Access new local customers who otherwise would go straight to a supermarket chain 


Customer loyalty

Nearly 40% of our customers returned in our 10-week trial. Join us to gain advocates for your brand

How we help you succeed

Dedicated brand awareness 

Have a store story page dedicated to your story as a seller, so that customers can learn more about you and the products that you sell

When you win, we win too

We only a commission on the sale based on how much you make through us. Find out more by registering your interest below

Customer custom requests

Customers can request items that are not stocked on the website, allowing you to adapt your product range and learn more about them

Full control of your product range

Decide your prices and your stock, change the listings based on what customers are buying a requesting.

Insights into the ecosystem

Get reports on overall trends of all customers on This Local Piggy, understand your customers better

Be part of the local community

Engage with a community of other sellers and customers who want to support local, together we are stronger