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Cardamom Croissant Bun (Thursdays only)

Cardamom Croissant Bun (Thursdays only)

Fort Greene Bakery
A platted bun made from flakey pastry with a cardamom sugar glaze. Heaven in a bun.
$ 5.50 NZD

Fort Greene Bakery

Our Story

Standing tall with its pale green exterior on K road, Fort Greene owners Andrea and Liam believe in the integrity of ingredients and make everything from scratch. Through experimentation a dashing of grit and learning from the baking community, Fort Greene has taken centre stage in the world of sourdough, pastries and sandwiches.

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Cinnamon Cruffin (Thursdays only)

Flakey, buttery muffins make from Fort Greene's delicious croissant dough
$ 4.70 NZD

Sourdough baguette (Thursdays only)

Sourdough baguette with pointy ends
$ 5.50 NZD

Almond croissant (Thursdays only)

Beautiful tasting and instagram worthy almond croissant
$ 7.50 NZD

Pain au chocolat (Thursdays only)

Luxurious chocolate wrapped in our famous croissant pastry
$ 5.50 NZD

Croissant (Thursdays only)

Traditionally flakey croissant, our customers proclaim they are the best in Auckland
$ 4.90 NZD

New York rye sourdough loaf (Thursdays only)

American deli style loaf with flaxseeds, caraway and rye
$ 11.00 NZD

French country style sourdough loaf (Thursdays only)

Traditionally French country style loaf
$ 11.00 NZD