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Frozen Paua Whole (In Shell) - each

Frozen Paua Whole (In Shell) - each

Kiwi Fish
Approx 400g each Paua has a sweet delicate flavour and is treasured seafood in East Asia. For a simple recipe, fry in garlic butter or Grill on a barbecue. Make fritters with the mince!
$ 46.95 NZD

Kiwi Fish

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Kiwifish - Auckland's independent fishmonger and fish butchery- sustainably caught and sourced fresh daily. Supplier to Auckland's best restaurants.

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Manuka Smoked Kahawai- Whole fish, split

750-1kg whole kahawai smoked.
$ 15.95 NZD

Frozen Paua Mince (NZ) - 200g pot

100% paua meat for fritters and cream paua
$ 35.95 NZD

Frozen Paua Whole (In Shell) - each

In shell NZ paua, approx 400g each
$ 46.95 NZD

Frozen Scallops -1 kg

Their tender meats have a rich, sweet, and flavorful taste.
$ 13.95 NZD

Frozen Kina Pot (Coromandel) 150g

Rich and sweet tasting kina for pastas, on rice or on toast
$ 33.95 NZD

Frozen Octopus Tentacles (NZ)- 2-2.5kg

Boil before grilling or frying to tenderise the meat
$ 79.95 NZD

Snapper Heads (NZ) - 1kg

A delicacy in Asian dishes, and a key ingredient to a home made fish stock.
$ 6.95 NZD

Salmon Heads and Frames (NZ) - 1kg

Perfect to make salmon flakes or into a scrumptious miso soup
$ 6.95 NZD

Frozen Scampi Tails (NZ) - 250g Bag

The sweet white flesh of New Zealand Scampi is highly sought after around the world
$ 32.95 NZD

Frozen Lobster Tails (USA) - each

American Lobster tails 4-6oz (113-170g each)
$ 19.95 NZD

Frozen Paddle Crabs (NZ) whole - 1kg

8-10 crabs per kilo
$ 24.95 NZD

Frozen Crayfish (NZ)- Each

500-600g each
$ 79.95 NZD

Frozen Medium Banana Prawns Whole (Aus) - 800g

Mild, sweet delicate flavour. Often used in Asian cooking
$ 31.95 NZD

Frozen Black Tiger Prawns (Imported)

large prawns with firm flesh, bolder flavours
$ 25.95 NZD

Coromandel Mussels -5kg

Perfect with white wine and cream, or cooked on the barbecue
$ 29.95 NZD

Kerikeri Oysters on Half Shell - 2 dozen

24 oysters from the pristine waters of the Bay of Islands
$ 48.95 NZD

Flounder (NZ)

Yellowbelly flounder (2-3 pack) or Sand flounder (1kg is approx 4-5 fish)
$ 16.95 NZD

NZ Salmon

Fillets, whole side or whole gilled and gutted fish
$ 29.95 NZD

Bigeye Tuna Loin (Sashimi Grade) 500g

Sustainably caught. Sold out. Next boat's ETA is the 30 Nov
$ 24.95 NZD

Tarakihi Fillets 500g

500g is around 3 portions
$ 21.95 NZD

Gurnard Fillets (Long Line caught) 500g

500g is around 2-3 portions
$ 20.95 NZD

Snapper (NZ)

Fillets or whole fish
$ 20.95 NZD