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Wild Goat Pieces - Curry Cut 1kg

Wild Goat Pieces - Curry Cut 1kg

Grey Lynn Butchers
*Featured by Sam Mannering's Goat Biriyani Recipe on stuff.co.nz* Goat is one of the most popular red meats globally and is a mainstay in Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin, and Caribbean cuisines. Goat meat is naturally lean, containing less saturated fat and cholesterol than beef or chicken. Due to its leanness, goat tends to dry out during the cooking process, so it is often cooked in a marinade or stew to retain its moisture. Braising or stewing goat meat low and slow with liquid (or using a slow cooker or pressure cooker) can yield succulent results
$ 18.99 NZD

Grey Lynn Butchers

Our Story

A staple among the community and chef circles, multi-award-winning Grey Lynn Butchers provide high quality, high welfare meats. Over the last 15 years in the corner of Great North Road and Williamson Avenue, Lucia and Eddie has been perfecting, adapting and experimenting with their famous sausages, delicious dry-aged beef and gorgeous shop cured goodies.

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Mangarara Standing rib roast

Essentially a scotch fillet with the bone left on Contact us if you need a bigger cut
$ 27.99 NZD

Duck and Pork Terrine (made in house) -100g

Free range pork, duck, salt, pepper, wine and shallots
$ 12.00 NZD

Pork Rillette (made in house) - 100g

Free range pork, onion, garlic, thyme, duck fat and wine
$ 12.00 NZD

Chicken Parfait (made in house) - 100g

Free range chicken livers, butter, salt and alcohol
$ 12.00 NZD

Duck Parfait (Made in house) - 100g

Duck livers, butter, salt and alcohol.
$ 12.00 NZD

Mini Lamb Koftas (Pack of 6)

Made in-store by master butchers Eddie and Lucia
$ 11.50 NZD

Beef Herb & Garlic Sausages (Pack of 6)

Made in-store by master butchers Eddie and Lucia
$ 13.20 NZD

Fresh Chorizo Sausages (Pack of 6)

Made in-store by master butchers Eddie and Lucia
$ 13.20 NZD

Pork and Apple Sausages (Pack of 6)

Made in-store by master butchers Eddie and Lucia
$ 13.80 NZD

Lamb Rosemary and Garlic Sausages (6 pack)

Made in-store by master butchers Eddie and Lucia
$ 13.20 NZD

Heritage Pork Lonzino (Regeneratively Farmed) -100g

Sliced and cured Mangarara pork loin. Made in Grey Lynn
$ 9.00 NZD

Pork and Fennel air dried salami - 100g

Cured in Grey Lynn by Lucia and Eddie
$ 6.00 NZD

Free range chicken kebabs - 4 pack

Antibiotic free, free range kebabs
$ 10.00 NZD

Free range lamb shoulder chops - 4 pack

(approx. 750-800)
$ 19.00 NZD

Whole free range butterflied lamb leg (1 - 1.2kg)

Evenly de-boned whole lamb leg, perfect for the grill
$ 34.50 NZD

Beef short ribs (1kg)

Popular in south american, korean and japanese barbecues and good slow cooked.
$ 23.00 NZD

Free range rack of pork spare ribs (around 700g)

Perfectly tender meat for the oven or the barbecue.
$ 12.50 NZD

Dry Aged Mangarara T Bone (600 g)

The royalty of steaks, dry aged, regeneratively framed.
$ 25.00 NZD

Mangarara Rump Steak - 2 pack (300g each)

For those who those who value flavour above all else. Restoratively Farmed
$ 14.50 NZD

Pastrami 200g

Grey Lynn Butchers' pastrami features in cafes and restaurants all over Auckland
$ 6.00 NZD

Butcher Made Burgers 4 pack (150 gms each)

Handmade burgers from our master butchers
$ 11.00 NZD

Sausage Sampling Pack 1kg (9-10 sausages)

Butcher's Choice of 9-10 award-winning sausages
$ 19.99 NZD

Free range beef stock bones (1kg)

Bones speciality selected for stock and broth making
$ 4.99 NZD

Free Range whole duck (large)

Whole free-range duck from Cambridge
$ 28.50 NZD

Free range lemon and herb butterflied chicken

This free to roam, antibiotic-free chicken. Marinated in store by Grey Lynn's master butchers
$ 17.99 NZD

Free range tandoori butterflied chicken

This free to roam, antibiotic-free chicken. Marinated in store by Grey Lynn's master butchers
$ 17.99 NZD

Free range pork loin steaks (500g)

This thick meaty steak as a trimming of fat and a medallion of lean protein.
$ 12.49 NZD

Oxtail (1kg)

Perfect for a winter stew, a slow cooking meat that makes a scrumptious gravy.
$ 20.00 NZD

Dry Cured Free Range bacon

Dry cured and award winning, choose from middle or streaky bacon
$ 7.29 NZD

Large whole free range chicken (size 16)

She's a large one. Feed the whole family with this 1.5kg chicken.
$ 16.99 NZD

Nduja Piccante 150g piece

A salty, spicy-sweet spreadable salume.
$ 7.50 NZD

Free range, antibiotic free chicken thighs -500g

High welfare chicken thighs from our friends at Bird and Barrow
$ 4.69 NZD

Restoratively farmed Sirloin steak (2 steak pack)

500g of regeneratively farmed, free range pasture cattle
$ 18.00 NZD

Restoratively farmed Dry aged rib eye steak

A 200g dry aged, restoratively farmed ribeye (scotch) steak
$ 9.79 NZD

Free range bacon hock

A whole bacon hock, perfect for soups and stocks
$ 9.99 NZD

Free range NZ lamb loin chops (500g)

Free range, pasture fed lamb loin
$ 15.00 NZD

Mangarara Station beef prime mince (500g)

A leaner version of our beef mine using only prime cuts of meat
$ 10.25 NZD

Free range high welfare mince 500g

Beef, chicken or pork options
$ 7.50 NZD

Award winning free range gourmet sliced ham (200g)

Slices of the best quality ham steaks
$ 6.00 NZD

Durham Farms A2 Organic Milk (bottle)

A luxurious small batch milk. Refills will be processed with a bottle swap on delivery
$ 7.50 NZD

Award winning Traditional pork sausages (pack of 6)

Multi award winning pork sausages with free range pork
$ 13.00 NZD

Chicken and Truffle sausages (pack of 6)

Free range Chicken and truffle... what a combo
$ 13.80 NZD

Brazilian Toscana sausages (pack of 6)

Free range brazilian spicy pork sausage
$ 13.20 NZD

Isterband Sausages (pack of 6)

Officially the best sausage in NZ, this is a Swedish style sausage
$ 13.80 NZD

Award winning guanciale (400g piece)

Italian style home cured pork cheek
$ 18.50 NZD