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Goya Hot Pepper Rocoto (Peruvian hot chilli paste) - 213g

Goya Hot Pepper Rocoto (Peruvian hot chilli paste) - 213g

Latino Foods
The Rocoto Hot Pepper Goya paste is the perfect ingredient to give our meals a spicy flavour. Prepare delicious recipes such as ceviches, chips, creams, dressings or sauces and surprise your friends and family at your meetings. In addition to being a perfect condiment to add a touch of spice to each dish, its high fibre content helps us to regulate our digestive system, improve our circulation and also helps us prevent cardiovascular problems. It gives you a great content of Vitamin C and vitamin A.
$ 12.90 NZD

Latino Foods

Our Story

Latino Foods began in 2018– with the idea that Latin Americans and New Zealanders could find a wide variety of food from South and Central America in one place.

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San Ignacio Dulce de Leche (Milk Caramel) - 400g

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Juan Valdez Freeze Dried Soluble Coffee - 95g

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Colombian Hot Chocolate Block (Corona) - 500g

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PAN Harina (Corn Flour)

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Guava Paste (Bocadillo/Membrillo) - 400g

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Goya Hot Pepper Rocoto (Peruvian hot chilli paste) - 213g

A perfect condiment to add a touch of spice to each dish
$ 12.90 NZD

Goya Aji Amarillo (Peruvian yellow chilli paste)

The authentic Peruvian flavour!
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Corn Tortilla 6" - 24 Units

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Corn Starch MAIZENA

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$ 3.50 NZD

Corn Chips - 160g

Made fresh in NZ, these are very popular toasted tortilla triangles in Mexican cuisine
$ 4.00 NZD

Frozen Chiva Arepas

Frozen authentic corn arepas. Made by NZ Coloumbians
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Frozen Chipa (Pandebonos) - 600gr

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Salva Brava Chimichurri Sauce - 250g

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Alfajores 6 units (box) - 360g

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