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Ground Coriander

Ground Coriander

Good For Refillery
Coriander is generally used in larger amounts than other spices because it has a mild flavour. After dry roasting, coriander forms the base of many curry powders and masalas. It may be added to thicken and flavour casseroles, soups and stews, and is one of the key ingredients in pickling spice. Coriander is also used in condiments, seasonings and as an ingredient in sweet spice mixtures for cakes and biscuits.
$ 0.59 NZD

Good For Refillery

Our Story

GoodFor allows you and your family to fill and refill your pantry and household goods without wasteful and unnecessary packaging. Our products will help support the change to building a life and home based on the philosophy of consuming less and consuming quality. With over 400 ingredients to top up your pantry with, we also have a great range of quality vinegar, oils and syrups for refilling. Giving you the ability to take just what you need but also to create a circular system in your home, with no waste.

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GoodFor - Almond Butter (420g)

Made right here in Auckland, with just two ingredients – Almonds and Salt
$ 15.00 NZD

Orzo Pasta

Rice shaped pasta perfect for salads (product of Italy)
$ 0.69 NZD

Penne Rigate - Organic

this beautiful organic pasta is a high quality, small angle cut tube
$ 0.79 NZD

Dry Roasted Peanuts

Lightly roasted to give a rich nutty flavour. Product of Argentina.
$ 1.29 NZD

Chilli Powder (hot)

Hot chilli powder for curries, pastes, dressings and as a seasoning. Product of India
$ 0.98 NZD

Ground Coriander

mellow and warm with a clear hint of orange peel. Product of India
$ 0.59 NZD

Garam Masala

Garam masala acts as a highly aromatic curry powder. Product of India
$ 0.80 NZD

Bay Leaves

An aromatic leaf commonly used in cooking for long periods
$ 0.68 NZD

Nutritional Yeast Flakes - Organic

Savoury, cheesy deliciousness, nutritional yeast is a vegan’s dream
$ 4.90 NZD

Chilli Flakes

Contains both the flesh and seeds from red chillies
$ 1.23 NZD

Ground Turmeric - Organic

sourced from an organic community garden in Fiji
$ 0.98 NZD

Flakey sea salt

Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt is created by careful evaporation
$ 0.73 NZD

Fine Polenta

quick-cook variety
$ 0.91 NZD

Kiwi Quinoa - Bold

The first quinoa grown in New Zealand
$ 1.25 NZD

Israeli cous cous

Subtly nutty and almost buttery, with a soft and chewy texture
$ 1.15 NZD

Arborio Rissotto Rice - Organic

When cooked just right, the grain has a deliciously creamy exterior and firm centre.
$ 1.52 NZD

Smoked Paprika

Add a smokey, sweet flavour to your meat and veg
$ 1.23 NZD

Vegetable Broth Powder - Organic

Dissolve 1 tsp per cup of hot water. Used in the same way as a stock cube or bouillon
$ 1.50 NZD

Ground Cinnamon - Organic

Perfect for adding to creamy sauces and roasting pumpkins and squashes
$ 0.99 NZD

Bay Road Peanut Butter (480g jar)

Made with only peanuts and salt, crunchy or smooth, you decide! (Made in Dunedin)
$ 10.50 NZD

Seedless Raisins - Organic (100g)

Great as a snack, a topping on porridge or in baking
$ 1.40 NZD

Prunes (100g)

Great as a snack, or added to stews to give additional sweetness.
$ 2.29 NZD

Walnut Halves (100g)

Great as a snack, roasted and chopped to add an extra crunch to salads, or make a walnut pesto
$ 6.63 NZD

Salted Caramel Sphere (each)

Organic, fair-trade dark chocolate with a delicious salted caramel centre.
$ 2.00 NZD

Pineapple Sphere (each)

made with a heavenly dark chocolate coating and filled with a gooey pineapple centre
$ 2.00 NZD

Whole Dried Apricots - Organic

These are a delicious snack on their own, a wonderful lunchbox filler or to take to the movies
$ 2.79 NZD

Deluxe Natural Nut Mix (100g)

Blend of almonds, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, pecans, hazelnuts and macadamia
$ 2.79 NZD

70% Dark Chocolate Drops - Organic

Great as a snack or in your baking
$ 4.47 NZD

Golden Dried Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a noted ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Indian dishes.
$ 0.69 NZD

Rolled Jumbo Oats - Organic

Harvested and rolled in a press to maintain the full flavour, aroma and nutritional benefits
$ 0.49 NZD

Coconut Chips - Organic

Simply the dried white flesh of organically grown coconuts that are flaked into chips
$ 2.50 NZD

Black Chia Seeds - Organic

Highly supportive of efficient digestion and overall gut health
$ 1.90 NZD

Gluten Free Flour

A blend of rice flour, potato starch and thickeners
$ 0.90 NZD

Fine Light Pink Himalayan Salt

Rock salt from the mines of the Punjab region of Pakistan
$ 0.25 NZD

Toasted Vanilla Almond Muesli

Lightly toasted, nutty flavoured breakfast cereal
$ 2.49 NZD

White Basmati Rice

Long grained Indian rice
$ 0.49 NZD

Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta - Gluten-free Organic

Gluten free rice and quinoa spiral pasta
$ 1.90 NZD

Spaghetti Bundle 250g - Organic

Organic, Italian dried spaghetti bundle.
$ 2.50 NZD

Organic Fusilli Pasta

Shaped like curly spirals, often served with thicker sauces
$ 0.59 NZD

Organic Sunflower Seeds

Packed full of nutrients including protein, magnesium and vitamin E
$ 1.39 NZD

Organic Coconut Sugar

Made from minimal processing with no added nasty stuff
$ 1.79 NZD

Organic 00 Bakers Flour

Milled specifically for baking homemade breads, pastas and can be used as an all-purpose flour
$ 0.49 NZD

Rolled Quick Oats - Organic

Rolled organic quick oats for busy people
$ 0.49 NZD

Pumpkin Seeds Pepitas - Organic

Organic, shelled pumpkin seeds for tossing on to of bowls
$ 1.99 NZD

Dried Goods custom request

Request any dried goods from the Good For Refillery crew!
$ 0.00 NZD