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Tarakihi Fillets per portion - 180-200g

Tarakihi Fillets per portion - 180-200g

Kiwi Fish
The fillets of the fish have firm, moist, white flesh and are usually cooked with spices. It takes no more than 10 minutes to cook tarakihi fillets, and cooking usually involves frying them in oil. Tarakihi recipes are simple, and the cooked fish is an excellent, light meal, which you can serve with sauce and couscous.
$ 10.99 NZD

Kiwi Fish

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Kiwifish - Auckland's independent fishmonger and fish butchery- sustainably caught and sourced fresh daily. Supplier to Auckland's best restaurants.

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Snapper Fillets per portion (180-200g, NZ)

Fillets or whole fish
$ 12.99 NZD

Wildcaught Diamond shells (cloudy bay clams) - 1kg

Rich, deep coloured flesh. Approx 10-20 per kg
$ 23.99 NZD

Wildcaught Tua Tua -1 kg

Approx 8 per kilo. Mild, sweet, with a creamy texture
$ 23.99 NZD

Marlborough Sounds whole salmon 4-5kg

Gutted and scaled. From the pristine waters of Marlborough sounds
$ 144.95 NZD

Marlborough Salmon Side 1.5-1.8kg

Pin boned, skin on. Feeds around 8 as a main
$ 92.95 NZD

Frozen Paua Mince (NZ) - 200g pot

100% paua meat for fritters and cream paua
$ 35.95 NZD

Frozen Paua Whole (In Shell) - each

In shell NZ paua, approx 400g each
$ 46.95 NZD

Frozen Scallops -1 kg

Their tender meats have a rich, sweet, and flavorful taste.
$ 13.95 NZD

Frozen Kina Pot (Coromandel) 150g

Rich and sweet tasting kina for pastas, on rice or on toast
$ 33.95 NZD

Frozen Octopus Tentacles (NZ)- 2-2.5kg

8 tentacles. Boil before grilling or frying to tenderise the meat
$ 79.95 NZD

Snapper Heads (NZ) - 1kg

A delicacy in Asian dishes, and a key ingredient to a home made fish stock.
$ 6.95 NZD

Salmon Heads and Frames (NZ) - 500g

Perfect to make salmon flakes or into a scrumptious miso soup
$ 3.95 NZD

Frozen Scampi Tails (NZ) - 250g Bag

The sweet white flesh of New Zealand Scampi is highly sought after around the world
$ 32.95 NZD

Frozen Lobster Tails (USA) - each

American Lobster tails 4-6oz (113-170g each)
$ 19.95 NZD

Frozen Paddle Crabs (NZ) - each

Wild caught paddle crab with bright, white flesh that is crisp and moist.
$ 24.95 NZD

Frozen Crayfish (NZ)- Each

500-600g each
$ 79.95 NZD

Frozen Medium Banana Prawns Whole (Aus) - 800g

Mild, sweet delicate flavour. Often used in Asian cooking
$ 31.95 NZD

Frozen Black Tiger Prawns (Aus)

large prawns with firm flesh, bolder flavours
$ 25.95 NZD

Wildcaught Littleneck clams (cockles) 1kg

Also known as cockles or tuangi
$ 10.95 NZD

Coromandel Mussels -per kilo

Perfect with white wine and cream, or cooked on the barbecue
$ 6.99 NZD

Flounder (NZ) - Each

Choice of yellowbelly or sand
$ 10.99 NZD

Salmon Fillets 2 pack -(approx 200g each)

Sustainably farmed in the pristine waters of Marlborough sounds
$ 29.95 NZD

Bigeye Tuna Loin (Sashimi Grade) 360-400g

Sustainably caught Tuna 400g is approximately 2 main portions
$ 24.95 NZD

Tarakihi Fillets per portion - 180-200g

Tarakihi is a super versatile white fish, holds well when cooked.
$ 10.99 NZD

Hapuka Fillets - 2 portion pack (180-200g each)

2 main sized fillets
$ 24.95 NZD

Whole Snapper (NZ) - 0.8-1kg

Gutted and scaled whole fish
$ 20.95 NZD