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Welcome to the last week of the trial, if you've been waiting for a chance to participate in the trial, this is it! Order by Sunday midnight for Tuesday deliveries, and Tuesday Midnight for Thursday deliveries. It might be a good idea to do a larger order and freeze some of the meats and stock up your pantry!

As the Antarctic winds swept through the country, many of the leafy outdoor plants have reduced availability due to the frost and snow. This includes Shanghai bok choi, baby cos lettuce, and spring onions. Root vegetables are still in good supply and we have new season avocados and navel oranges available in NZ

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Kōkako Aotea Coffee -Organic Fairtrade

This is a medium-bodied juicy blend coffee sourced from Fairtrade Organic cooperatives
$ 14.50 NZD

Kōkako Mahana Blend - Organic Fairtrade

This is a full-bodied chocolatey blend coffee is suited to espresso and plunger brewing
$ 14.50 NZD

Kōkako Decaf Coffee

Our Decaf coffee blend brings together selected Fairtrade origins which are decaffeinated
$ 14.50 NZD

Ethiopia Guji Espresso

Sourced from the Guji Oromo sub-tribe, this fully washed coffee is roasted to suit espresso
$ 16.50 NZD

GoodFor - Almond Butter (420g)

Made right here in Auckland, with just two ingredients – Almonds and Salt
$ 15.00 NZD

Bay Road Peanut Butter (480g jar)

Made with only peanuts and salt, crunchy or smooth, you decide! (Made in Dunedin)
$ 10.50 NZD

*Special* Carrots (1kg)

1KG of New Zealand carrots perfectly in season for winter
$ 1.49 NZD

*special* Brown Onions (1kg)

Approximately 5-7 onions
$ 1.50 NZD

*Special* 3 Small Avocados

Back by popular demand, these small avocados are a bargain! (NZ)
$ 2.49 NZD

Gold kiwi fruit (1kg)

Approx 8 per kg , these kiwis are sweeter and less hairy than the green variety
$ 3.99 NZD

High Welfare beef stock bones (1kg)

Bones speciality selected for stock and broth making
$ 4.99 NZD

Small hot green chillies (bag of approx 12)

Small hot chillies for Asian cooking (NZ)
$ 2.60 NZD

New Season Navel Oranges

Approx 4-6 medium oranges per kg. These new season NZ Navels are still slightly tangy.
$ 4.49 NZD

Vito Pho Rice Noodles 3mm - 350g

A flat rice noodle for Vietnamese pho, but also the base noodle for a pad thai.
$ 3.69 NZD

Ceres Organics Chickpeas

Organically grown chickpeas, Product of Italy
$ 2.49 NZD


Roast it whole with spices, smother it with cheese, or simply steam it . (NZ)
$ 3.79 NZD

Broccoli (each)

A cool-season crop, broccoli is a staple among many households. (NZ)
$ 3.49 NZD

Cherry Tomatoes (250g punnet)

NZ Hot house grown to ensure winter supply
$ 3.99 NZD

Truss Tomatoes (1kg)

Hot house grown to ensure winter supply (NZ)
$ 9.99 NZD

Leeks - Each

Member of the onion family, leeks have a sweeter flavour with less aroma
$ 2.49 NZD

Spring onions (bunch of 3)

A staple in asian cooking and a perfect garish to finish any dish
$ 1.99 NZD

Mandarins (500g)

Approximately 10 small mandarins with a slight tang (NZ)
$ 1.99 NZD

Persimmons (1kg)

Approx 4-5 large fruits of the crunchy variety (late season NZ)
$ 8.99 NZD

Large Avocados (each)

One large avocado
$ 2.49 NZD

Cucumber (each)

A medium crispy skinned cucumber
$ 5.49 NZD

Vegetable Broth Powder - Organic

Dissolve 1 tsp per cup of hot water. Used in the same way as a stock cube or bouillon
$ 1.50 NZD

Orzo Pasta

Rice shaped pasta perfect for salads (product of Italy)
$ 0.69 NZD

Penne Rigate - Organic

this beautiful organic pasta is a high quality, small angle cut tube
$ 0.79 NZD

Award winning guanciale (400g piece)

Italian style home cured pork cheek
$ 22.50 NZD

Fresh Egg Noodles - 500g

Made in Henderson, these thin fresh egg noodles are perfect for a stir fry (product of NZ)
$ 4.69 NZD

Pineapple Sphere (each)

made with a heavenly dark chocolate coating and filled with a gooey pineapple centre
$ 2.00 NZD

Salted Caramel Sphere (each)

Organic, fair-trade dark chocolate with a delicious salted caramel centre.
$ 2.00 NZD

Sunflower Shoots (80g)

These tender shoots from sprouted sunflower seeds are both delicious, and rich in antioxidants.
$ 7.50 NZD

Lian Huat dumpling pastry (300g)

Fresh dumpling pastry. Product of Auckland
$ 3.49 NZD

Whole Dried Apricots - Organic

These are a delicious snack on their own, a wonderful lunchbox filler or to take to the movies
$ 2.79 NZD

Award wining Traditional pork sausages (pack of 6)

Multi award winning pork sausages with free range pork
$ 10.50 NZD

Free Range whole duck (large)

Whole free-range duck from Cambridge
$ 27.50 NZD

Waitoa / Navigator 4.0% - 330ml Can

A delicate Pacific Pale Ale. Brewed in Wellington, NZ
$ 4.60 NZD

Rose/Queen Apples - 1kg

approx 4-5 per kilo. Crisp, very juicy, variety will depend on availablity
$ 1.99 NZD

Shallots- 500g

Approx 4-6 large ones. A sweeter, milder than it's onion cousin with a hint of garlic (NZ)
$ 3.99 NZD

Celery (large bunch)

A large bunch of celery
$ 2.79 NZD

Chicken and Truffle sausages (pack of 6)

Free range Chicken and truffle... what a combo
$ 12.00 NZD

Brazilian Toscana sausages (pack of 6)

Free range brazilian spicy pork sausage
$ 12.00 NZD

Free range bacon hock

A whole bacon hock, perfect for soups and stocks
$ 9.99 NZD

Free range lamb rack

French trimmed free range, pasture fed lamb rack
$ 25.00 NZD

Sourdough baguette

Sourdough baguette with pointy ends
$ 5.50 NZD

Pumpkin Seeds Pepitas - Organic

Organic, shelled pumpkin seeds for tossing on to of bowls
$ 1.99 NZD

Dry Roasted Peanuts

Lightly roasted to give a rich nutty flavour. Product of Argentina.
$ 1.29 NZD

Chilli Powder (hot)

Hot chilli powder for curries, pastes, dressings and as a seasoning. Product of India
$ 0.98 NZD

Ground Coriander

mellow and warm with a clear hint of orange peel. Product of India
$ 0.59 NZD

Garam Masala

Garam masala acts as a highly aromatic curry powder. Product of India
$ 0.80 NZD

Ground Turmeric - Organic

sourced from an organic community garden in Fiji
$ 0.98 NZD

New Zealand grown limes (500g bag)

NZ grown, 500g is approximately 5-7 limes
$ 2.99 NZD

Lemons (500g)

Fresh and fruity lemons are in season! (NZ)
$ 2.99 NZD

Kereru / Auro (GF) 5.0% - 330ml Can - 6-pack

Light, refreshing and dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops. - Gluten Free!
$ 35.10 NZD

Urbanaut / West End Stout 6% - 6-pack

Caramel, toffee and chocolate malts mingle to create a gorgeous, smooth mouthfeel
$ 27.60 NZD

Citizen / Hazy IPA 6.5% - 440ml can

Made with rescue bread, a juicy, hoppy hazy with a citrus punch.
$ 10.00 NZD

Parrotdog / Lloyd Hazy IPA 6% - Single Can

Hazy IPA packed with fresh tropical fruit and citrus flavour
$ 8.50 NZD

Urbanaut / Kingsland Pilsner - 4.5% - 6-pack

Highly effervescent, giving a beautiful head and tight bubbles.
$ 21.30 NZD

Good George / Small Wonder Pale Ale 2.5% - 6-pack

refreshing, crisp, and surprisingly hoppy low alcohol pale ale
$ 20.70 NZD

Royal Gala apples

(1kg is approx 6 apples) Mildly sweet in flavour and super juicy. (NZ)
$ 1.49 NZD

Kale (bunch)

nutrient-dense and really healthy, add kale to any dish (NZ)
$ 1.99 NZD

Parsnips (kg)

Approx 4-6 per kilo. (NZ)
$ 4.99 NZD

Purple Carrots

Approx 6 per kilo (NZ)
$ 4.99 NZD

Free range tandoori butterflied chicken

This free to roam, antibiotic-free chicken. Marinated in store by Grey Lynn's master butchers
$ 16.99 NZD

S&B Japanese Curry mix 100g

Love kastu curry? Why not make it home? Product of Japan
$ 3.99 NZD

Coconut milk or cream (FIa Fia)

Made in Thailand, choose between cream or milk. Product of Thailand
$ 2.99 NZD

Kohlrabi (each)

A versatile vegetable with a taste and texture between cabbage and broccoli stems. (NZ)
$ 1.99 NZD

Something to Crow About Roasted Seed Toppers

Top your salads, bowls, roast veggies or as a snack! Product of Auckland
$ 4.49 NZD

Mutti Passata Tomato Puree (400g)

Straight up passatta (tomato puree/sauce) from the most known Italian brand.
$ 2.99 NZD

Ceres Organics Black Beans

Organic Black beans for quintessential Mexican cooking. Product of Italy.
$ 2.49 NZD

Ceres Organics Cannellini Beans

Organic and nutrient rich beans. Product of Italy
$ 2.49 NZD

Ceres Organics Chopped tomatoes (Tin)

Organically grown tomatoes, Product of Italy
$ 2.49 NZD

Coconut Chips - Organic

Simply the dried white flesh of organically grown coconuts that are flaked into chips
$ 2.50 NZD

Butternut Squash (each)

Nutty and sweet tasting, this squash has a high flesh to seed ratio
$ 1.99 NZD

Baby Spinach (300g bag)

Bag of baby spinach for salads or to top up a dish with greens
$ 3.99 NZD

Large Cabbage (each)

A large cabbage with the outside leaves peeled
$ 2.99 NZD

Agria Potatoes (1kg)

Agrias have floury and fluffy texture and the ability to resist becoming sticky when cooked
$ 2.49 NZD

Buttercup pumpkin (each)

A small variety of pumpkin squash that has a sweet taste.
$ 1.99 NZD

King Sweety Capsicums (350g bag)

Sweet and tasty, these long capsicums are delicious grilled
$ 2.99 NZD

Bay Leaves

An aromatic leaf commonly used in cooking for long periods
$ 0.68 NZD
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