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JHC Fruit and Vege

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401 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023

When Tin’s wife received a scholarship from AUT university, the couple decided to migrate to Auckland. With life as a corporate banker left behind in Cambodia and a new life to start in Auckland, Tin found a job at JHC fruit and Vege. Working hard for the previous owners Tin gained an understanding of the business process and the needs of the community, so when the owners decided to retire in 2013, Tin offered to take over the business.

Since taking over, Tin has grown the business to supply the ever-increasing community of Asian restaurants in Auckland, as the surrounding changes to parking around his shop took a hit on the direct to customer retail business. Despite this, JHC still has a large and loyal customer base, who come to shop for fruits, vegetables and an expansive range of Asian ingredients and condiments. 

The couple work exceptionally hard to serve their customers by ensuring that their produce is fresh, waking up at 4 am every single weekday to go to the wholesale market to purchase their products direct from farming co-ops. With backgrounds in customer relationship management and project management, they are well versed in listening to their customers and adapting their product range to the ever-increasing cultural diversity in Central Auckland. 

This Seller's Shop

Vito Pho Rice Noodles 3mm - 350g

A flat rice noodle for Vietnamese pho, but also the base noodle for a pad thai.
$ 3.69 NZD

Fresh Egg Noodles - 500g

Made in Henderson, these thin fresh egg noodles are perfect for a stir fry (product of NZ)
$ 4.69 NZD

Something to Crow About Roasted Seed Toppers

Top your salads, bowls, roast veggies or as a snack! Product of Auckland
$ 4.49 NZD

Mutti Passata Tomato Puree (400g)

Straight up passatta (tomato puree/sauce) from the most known Italian brand.
$ 2.99 NZD

S&B Japanese Curry mix 100g

Love kastu curry? Why not make it home? Product of Japan
$ 3.99 NZD

Coconut milk or cream (FIa Fia)

Made in Thailand, choose between cream or milk. Product of Thailand
$ 2.99 NZD

Lian Huat dumpling pastry (300g)

Fresh dumpling pastry. Product of Auckland
$ 3.49 NZD

Agria Potatoes (1kg)

Agrias have floury and fluffy texture and the ability to resist becoming sticky when cooked
$ 2.50 NZD

Lkk Pure sesame oil (207ml)

100% pure sesame oil
$ 4.49 NZD

LKK premium Oyster Sauce (255ml)

From the company that invented oyster sauce in 1888
$ 5.99 NZD

Lee Kum Kee Premium Light Soy Sauce (250g)

A premium imported light soy sauce for dipping, marinading and seasoning
$ 2.99 NZD

Thai Curry paste (400g tub)

Authentic Thai made curry paste
$ 4.49 NZD

Fresh Tofu (pack of 2)

Freshly made soft and firm tofu
$ 3.99 NZD

Jongga Kimchi (300g)

A jar of authentic Korean kimchi from the number one kimchi brand worldwide
$ 7.99 NZD