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JHC Fruit and Vege

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401 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023

When Sorya received a scholarship from AUT university, she and her husband Tin, then a corporate banker, decided to migrate to Auckland. While Sorya was studying international policy, Tin found a job at JHC fruit and Vege.

Working hard for the previous owners Tin gained an understanding of the business process and the needs of the community, and Sorya brought the necessary skills to manage a store with a dizzying array of flavours from all around Asia. Come 2013 when the original owners decided to retire, the couple bought the business.

Since taking over, They have grown the business to supply the ever-increasing community of Asian restaurants in Auckland, as the surrounding changes to parking around JHC  took a hit on the direct to customer retail business. Despite this, JHC still has a large and loyal customer base, who come to shop for fruits, vegetables and an expansive range of Asian ingredients and condiments. 

Sorya and Tin work exceptionally hard to serve their customers by ensuring that only the best products get to their shelves. TIn wakes up at 4 am every single weekday to go to the wholesale market to purchase their products direct from the markets. While Sorya sources, buys and maintains the top quality Asian ingredients on their shelves, liaising with dozens of supplier to cover the essential ingredients both imported and locally made.

With backgrounds in customer relationship management and international supply chains, they are well versed in listening to their customers and adapting their product range to the ever-increasing cultural diversity in Central Auckland. 

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Penta Chilli Paste with Soybean oil (Nam Prik Pao)

A staple in Thai cooking. Contains soy and shrimp
$ 4.69 NZD

Jeeny's Roasted Belachan Shrimp Paste 80g

The secret ingredient to Malaysian and Singaporean cooking
$ 3.69 NZD

Longkou Bean thread vermicelli 250g

Mung bean noodles. Gluten free.
$ 1.49 NZD

Shanggie Instant Pho broth - Beef

Instant pho soup with spices and artificial beef flavour. (Origin: Thailand)
$ 1.80 NZD

Kewpie Wasabi Mayonnaise - 300g

Japanese wasabi mayo made with only egg yolks. (Origin: Japan)
$ 5.49 NZD

Kewpie Mayonnaise - 500g

Japanese mayonnaise made with only egg yolks. (Origin: Japan)
$ 9.69 NZD

S&B Prepared Wasabi Tube - 43g

Made with a combination of wasabi root and Japanese horseradish (Origin: Japan)
$ 3.29 NZD

Misuzu Inari Seasoned Tofu pockets, 16 pieces

A packet of readymade inari fried tofu wraps.
$ 9.69 NZD

Chinkiang vinegar- 550ml

A staple in your Chinese pantry. Mix with light soy for a dumpling dip (Origin: China)
$ 2.99 NZD

Pressed Tofu (non marinated) - Fresh

Spiced pressed tofu is firm and does not crumble when cooked. Made in Auckland.
$ 4.19 NZD

Spiced Pressed Tofu - Fresh

Spiced pressed tofu is firm and does not crumble when cooked. Made in Auckland.
$ 4.19 NZD

Doenjang (soybean paste, brown box) -500g

A staple Korean seasoning paste (Origin: Korea)
$ 5.19 NZD

LKK sauce for Spicy Garlic Eggplant

Just add eggplants and minced pork. Instructions on the back
$ 2.59 NZD

LKK sauce for Mapo Tofu

Just add minced pork (or mushrooms) and tofu! Instructions included
$ 2.59 NZD

Want want senbei rice cracker 92g

Crispy Chinese snack with tasty seasoned flavour.
$ 3.99 NZD

Surasang Sweet Potato starch noodles

These noodles have a chewy texture when cooked. Origin: Korea
$ 5.59 NZD

Instant kombu dashi stock (kelp)

Vegan, 10 x 4g bags
$ 3.99 NZD

Instant dashi soup stock (bonito fish)

10x 5g bags
$ 3.59 NZD

Fresh Tofu Puffs (Deep Fried) - 150g

Deep Fried Tofu puffs (made in Auckland!)
$ 3.99 NZD

Hanabi Yaki nori - 10 Sheets

To make sushi rolls or simply eaten as a snack
$ 3.79 NZD

Hikari Miso Aka (Red) -400g

This is a textured full-bodied Red miso with a mellow, well-balanced flavour.
$ 4.69 NZD

Sichuan Pepper - 100g

Mouth numbing, but not all that spicy. An essential sichuan ingredient (Product of Thailand)
$ 6.99 NZD

Chinese cooking wine (Blue label) - 640ml

The secret ingredient to an authentic Chinese dish (Origin: China)
$ 2.69 NZD

Por Kwan Laska Paste- 200g

A rich spicy coconut noodle soup to die for. Product of Thailand
$ 3.99 NZD

Maggi Seasoning- 200ml

Invented in Switzerland, this MSG rich liquid is used across Africa, South America and Asia
$ 5.99 NZD

Delmaine Balsamic Glaze -150ml

A thick rich Syrup made with authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy
$ 8.99 NZD

LKK Hoisin Sauce

Excellent for marinating, stir-frying or dipping. Try it on pizza for a fusion dish
$ 5.99 NZD

LKK Chilli Bean Sauce (Toban Djan)

The main flavour in dan dan noodles (tantan ramen), Mapo tofu. Also a dipping sauce
$ 5.99 NZD

ABC Sweet soy sauce

Any protein can benefit from a sweet soy marinade, or finish with a drizzle on any asian dish.
$ 2.99 NZD

Squid Brand fish sauce 725ml

Authentic Thai fish sauce to add umami to any dish (try a dash in burgers!)
$ 3.49 NZD

Mountain Dried Shiitake Mushroom - 200g

Rehydrate in water to add a deep savoury aroma to your dishes
$ 12.60 NZD

Makoto Roasted white sesame

Japanese roasted sesame seeds for maximum flavour
$ 2.59 NZD

Yamahide Dried Bonito Flakes (5x36g)

Perfect to garnish dishes or to sprinkle in soup
$ 4.89 NZD

Shichimi Togarasi -18g

A finishing spice mix commonly sprinkled over Japanese food to give it a bit of flavour (mild)
$ 4.19 NZD

Mamasan Cooking Sake

Cooking sake (Japanese rice wine)
$ 4.99 NZD

Hinode Mirin- 320ml

A sweet Japanese rice cooking wine
$ 5.79 NZD

Galbi (Korean Ribs) Sauce - 290g

Korean Barbecue marinade for ribs (Origin: Korea)
$ 4.49 NZD

Bulgogi sauce/marinade for beef - 290g

Marinade thin slices of steak and grill or stir fry the beef. (Origin: Korea)
$ 4.49 NZD

Japanese Rice Vinegar- 500ml

Perfect vinegar for making sushi rice
$ 6.99 NZD

Old Country Food Frozen Dumplings

Made in Henderson, AKL. Approx 30 dumplings per pack -720g
$ 9.49 NZD

Vito Pho Rice Noodles 3mm - 350g

A flat rice noodle for Vietnamese pho, but also the base noodle for a pad thai.
$ 3.69 NZD

Fresh Egg Noodles - 500g

Made in Henderson, these thin fresh egg noodles are perfect for a stir fry (product of NZ)
$ 4.69 NZD

Something to Crow About Roasted Seed Toppers

Top your salads, bowls, roast veggies or as a snack! Product of Auckland
$ 4.49 NZD

Mutti Passata Tomato Puree (400g)

Straight up passatta (tomato puree/sauce) from the most known Italian brand.
$ 2.99 NZD

S&B Japanese Curry mix 100g

Love kastu curry? Why not make it home? Product of Japan
$ 3.99 NZD

Coconut milk or cream (FIa Fia)

Made in Thailand, choose between cream or milk. Product of Thailand
$ 2.99 NZD

Lian Huat dumpling pastry (300g)

Fresh dumpling pastry. Product of Auckland
$ 3.49 NZD

Lkk Pure sesame oil (207ml)

100% pure sesame oil
$ 4.49 NZD

LKK premium Oyster Sauce (255ml)

From the company that invented oyster sauce in 1888
$ 5.99 NZD

Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce

Used to add colour with a deep rich flavour, this soy is less salty and has a richer taste
$ 2.99 NZD

Lee Kum Kee Premium Light Soy Sauce

A premium imported light soy sauce for dipping, marinading and seasoning
$ 2.99 NZD

Thai Curry paste (400g tub)

Authentic Thai made curry paste
$ 4.49 NZD

Fresh Tofu (pack of 2)

Freshly made soft and firm tofu
$ 3.99 NZD

Jongga Kimchi (300g)

A jar of authentic Korean kimchi from the number one kimchi brand worldwide
$ 7.99 NZD