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The Karma Foundation supports our cola growers in Sierra Leone to trade and develop their communities. It also focuses on women’s economic empowerment, education and gender equality. Proceeds from the sale of every Karma Drink go directly to the people in Tiwai, Sierra Leone, who choose how these funds are used. The Foundation respects all resources, environmental and human, and always acts in a fair way. Its guiding principle is to foster economic independence rather than dependence so the villages in Tiwai are standing on their own two (thousand) feet.

Our ongoing work and commitment in these communities is having a lasting positive impact.

And that’s just the beginning. With your help there’s so much more we can do.

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Blood Orange Flavour Bombs - 15x 300ml bottles

Organic Sicilian Blood orange and sparkling water blend
$ 49.99 NZD

Blackcurrant Flavour Bombs - 15x 300ml bottles

Intense organic blackcurrant with 30% juice and sparkling water
$ 49.99 NZD

Karma Organic Juice- 12x 300ml bottles

Four unique flavour options. No added sugar
$ 43.99 NZD

Orangeade Cans (12 x 250ml)

Made with juicy organic valencia oranges
$ 30.99 NZD

Razza Raspberry Lemonade Can (12x250ml)

Lemons get a sweet and tangy twist in Razza, our punky pink lemonade.
$ 30.99 NZD

Karma Kombucha (12x 330 bottles)

Organic and probiotic, with less than 1g of sugar a bottle
$ 43.99 NZD

Gingerella Ginger Ale Cans (12x250ml)

Made with real organic, fairtrade ginger from the Sri Lankan rainforest
$ 30.99 NZD

Lemmy Lemonade Can (12x 250ml)

Proper lemonade made from organic lemons and cane sugar
$ 30.99 NZD

Karma Cola Cans (12 x 250ml)

Real cola from West African rainforest with organic barley malt, vanilla, spices & citrus
$ 30.99 NZD