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The shed collective - 99 Parrs Cross Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612 (Saturdays Mornings)

In 2014, Renu and Chloe, armed with their backpacks, set out to explore India. Wherever they went, there was always a chai wallah (“tea boy”) to be found. From the serene mountains in the north, through the bustling and colourful cities, to the relaxed backwaters and beaches of the South.

Busy street in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India
The city of inspiration for Tea Boy

After being entranced by the ritual and magic of chai making they were hooked. When the pair returned in the middle of winter, it was near impossible to find a good brew. The over sweet cinnamon heavy syrups found in coffee shops just didn’t cut it. Renu decided to learn the age-old family recipes she grew up with from her Baa (Grandma), Mum and Auntie and set out on a fascinating journey through the world of spices and tea. Learning everything she could from her family and chai-wallahs in India, she created Tea Boy’s 10 spice masala blend – right here in New Zealand.

The new venture was titled “Tea Boy” to pay tribute to the thousands of chai Wallahs who have kept the tradition alive. Starting out at local markets, and having sold out within hours, Renu & Chloe had an inkling they had created something special. New Zealand’s own Tea Boy was born, with the mission to make the best masala chai and transport the people of Auckland’s tastebuds to the streets of India.

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Dried Oregano - 15g

Essential pantry item!
$ 2.00 NZD

Black Mustard Seeds -25g

Add a nutty, mustard flavour to your dishes.
$ 1.90 NZD

Fenugreek Seeds -25g

Fenugreek has a distinctive maple syrup flavour and subtle bitterness
$ 1.90 NZD

Black Cardamom - 20g

Infused your dishes with a delicate smoky aroma
$ 3.50 NZD

Fennel Seeds -30g

Savoury earthy flavours to any dish (saunf)
$ 2.00 NZD

Paprika -30g

Not the smoked variety.
$ 1.90 NZD

Indian Whole Dried Chillies -20g

Best making wet spice blends
$ 2.50 NZD

Premium Saffron threads - 1g pack

Highest Quality Saffron Threads
$ 9.99 NZD

Kashmiri Chilli Powder - 50g

The most sought after red chilli in India for its colour. Moderate heat
$ 2.70 NZD

Chilli Flakes - 25g

Essential pantry item!
$ 2.15 NZD

Ground Coriander -20g

Coriander seeds have an earthy, tart and sweet flavour profile.
$ 1.90 NZD

Garam Masala -35g

Garam masala acts as a highly aromatic curry powder. Product of India
$ 2.00 NZD

Bay Leaves - 20g

An aromatic leaf commonly used in cooking for long periods
$ 1.80 NZD

Ground Turmeric -40g

Package free powdered tumeric
$ 2.00 NZD

Smoked Paprika -30g

Add a smokey, sweet flavour to your meat and veg
$ 2.50 NZD

Ground Cinnamon -35g

Package free ground cinamon
$ 1.90 NZD

Black pepper

Whole black pepper for you to refill in your grinder
$ 3.70 NZD

Cardomom Pods

Fragrant cardamom pods
$ 4.00 NZD

Chai Gift Pack

A pack of chai, Indian raw cane sugar and a strainer for chai lovers
$ 29.00 NZD

Jaggery (pack)

Raw powdered cane sugar
$ 6.00 NZD

Star Anise - 20g

Whole star anise
$ 2.20 NZD

Whole Cloves - 20g

Essential to a Vietnamese pho, Chinese 5 spice, a hot toddy or even to stud a show stopping ham
$ 2.20 NZD

Rose Buds -50g

Used in middle eastern cuisine, you can also made a tea packed with vitamin C
$ 10.00 NZD

Cumin seeds -30g

An essential in Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Cuban and Western Chinese cuisines
$ 2.20 NZD

Coriander Seeds - 25g

Use it in dukkah, garam masala, homemade pickles, soups and rubs.
$ 2.00 NZD

Cinnamon quills - 20g

Whole cinnamon provides a sweet, woody taste with a hint of citrus
$ 2.99 NZD

Tea Boy 10 Spice Chai

Tea Boy’s 10 Spice blend makes a warming aromatic chai with aniseedy and floral undertones...
$ 16.99 NZD