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Chloe is a massive foodie and the founder of This Local Piggy, growing up in Hong Kong, one of her favourite things to do after school was to go to the markets to choose the freshest, in-season produce for dinner every night. Making friends with a vegetable granny, she remembers vividly how she got free spring onions every time they bought vegetables from her.

Since then, she's lived in Cape Town, various cities in the UK, and finally moving to the land of the long white cloud. Being an immigrant many times over, she's realised how difficult it is to recreate tastes and memories of home and adventures. High quality, authentic ingredients are normally hidden in offline, local shops, and you really need to know someone who knows where to find them.

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit, the idea of starting This Local Piggy came to her while standing in the supermarket queue. She went home and tried to find the websites of her local butchers, bakeries and Asian shops who desperately needed the support of the community. But a lot of the community sellers didn't have websites, and the ones that did, all had minimum orders and delivery fees. Supporting local should not be this hard, she thought to herself.

Having built her career in software, she quit her job in as the lead product manager of the COVID Tracer App March 2021, built this website, and called up a bunch of local sellers to see if they were interested in joining forces, and the rest is history.

This Seller's Shop

Brown sugar - per 100g

Package free brown sugar
$ 0.80 NZD

Organic White Sesame Seeds - 100g

Package free!
$ 1.25 NZD

White Sugar- per 500g

Package free white sugar
$ 1.98 NZD

Sundried Tomatoes - per 250g

Package free sundried tomatoes (rehydrate in water or olive oil before use )
$ 6.45 NZD

Split Green Peas - per 500g

Package Free. Use in soups, to make mushy peas, or a twist on hummus
$ 3.80 NZD

Riso Toro Aborio Risotto Rice - 1kg

Aborio rice is a rissotto prized for its creamy or al dente characteristics.
$ 6.99 NZD

Red Split Lentils - per 500g

Also know as masoor dal. Great in soups, stews and dals (lentil curry)
$ 3.95 NZD

Premium basmati rice- per kilo

Basmati is the main variety of rice used in South Asian and Middle eastern cooking.
$ 5.46 NZD

Pine nuts - per 100g

Package free pine nuts.
$ 8.50 NZD

Le Puy Green Lentils - Per 100g

Package free Puy Lentils, commonly seen in French cuisine
$ 1.20 NZD

Kaitaia Fire Dried Cayenne Peppers 40g

Far north grown dried chillies. Moderately spicy.
$ 8.65 NZD

Premium Jasmine Rice - 1kg

Package free fragrant rice used in South East Asian dishes
$ 7.30 NZD

Granoro 00 flour - 1kg

Italian all purpose flour for pizzas, pasta, desserts and cakes (Origin: Italy)
$ 3.89 NZD

Couscous - per 250g

Package free. Each serving of couscous is approx 60g. Use a 1:1 ratio of boiling water or stock
$ 2.50 NZD

Vegeta Gourmet Vegetable Stock - 250g

Vegan stock powder (Origin: Australia)
$ 6.90 NZD

Vegeta Chicken Stock Powder - 200g

Chicken stock powder (Origin: Australia)
$ 6.90 NZD

Vegeta Beef Stock Power - 180g

Beef stock powder (Origin: Australia)
$ 6.90 NZD

NZ flaked organic sea salt - 100g

All natural, unrefined finishing salt from our seas.
$ 3.25 NZD

NZ Polenta - per 250g

Package free NZ polenta for chips or gluten free baking
$ 1.97 NZD

Organic Quinoa - Per 500g

Package free. 500g is approx 3 cups
$ 7.20 NZD

Israeli cous cous -per 500g

Package free. Subtly nutty and almost buttery, with a soft and chewy texture
$ 5.25 NZD

Seedless Raisins - per 100g

Package free. Great as a snack, a topping on porridge or in baking
$ 1.40 NZD

Prunes -250g

Package free dried Prunes. Perfect for Tagines, or wrap in bacon for a barbecue delight
$ 4.17 NZD

Whole Dried Apricots - per 250g

Package free dried apricots. A perfect snack
$ 2.79 NZD

Premium Nut Mix (450g)

Blend of almonds, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts. Package free
$ 13.97 NZD

Chocolate chips -250g

Great as a snack or in your baking. Dark or milk options
$ 9.99 NZD

Dried Chickpeas (white chana) - per 100g

Package free dried white chickpeas
$ 0.71 NZD

Black Chia Seeds - Per 250g

Package free
$ 4.75 NZD

Shelled Sunflower Seeds - per 250g

popular in trail mix, multi-grain bread and nutrition bars
$ 3.48 NZD

Pumpkin seeds - per 250g

Package free . Shelled pumpkin seeds for tossing on to of bowls
$ 4.97 NZD